About Me

Most of the people reading this I assume already know me. However for those who don’t. I am Melly, 23 years old and on Monday the 2nd of September a shadow was discovered on my chest X-ray and so began my journey with Lymphoma.

I feel like blogging might be a tad cliché but I have always been inclined to write down my thoughts in journals and stories, so whats one more story out there in the world?


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Can I ask what made you go to the doctors in the first place? Was it a routine check or did you have pain our some other strange symptom, or….

  2. Mel. You are such a beautiful spirit. You are going to come out stronger than ever. I know it. Positive thoughts and lots of unconditional love, I think this is a great way to right down your thoughts… It will give you a great sense of comfort and support. I am so shocked to read that you have this. But I know you will rise above this. I send you my love. No doubt in my mind you will beat this. Xx

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